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Konflic mens Crewneck Cross With Wings

Konflic mens Crewneck Cross With Wings

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Fabric type                                 100% Cotton

Care instructions                       Machine Wash

Origin                                           Imported

Closure type                               Pull On

About this item

  • Konflic USA Men's Graphic 100% Cotton T-shirt
  • Crafted for comfort and style
  • Natural cotton fibers for softness and breathability
  • Pull-on closure for easy wear, no buttons or zippers
  • Machine washable without color loss or shrinking
  • Versatile for everyday wear, gym, or a night out
  • Available in various colors (Black, White, Mint, Olive, Red, Turquoise, Yellow, & Kelly Green)
  • Sizes range from Small to XX-Large, catering to all preferences and ages
  • Distinctive MMA pattern with bold designs, fighter names, logos, and martial arts symbols
  • Elevate your wardrobe with Konflic USA's stylish and comfortable Men's Graphic T-shirt.

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